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Streaming audio comes in many forms. "AAC" and "MP3" are different ways of encoding the stream. Try each and see which one you like better. If you are unsure whether your player supports AAC, check out the "Need a player" section below.

Choose stream quality here by dragging the slider along the bar, then choose the stream type by clicking its icon above the bar. If you experience buffering or choppy audio, move the slider to the left and re-select stream type.

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Need a player?

vlc icon

VLC, or "Video Lan Client", is a free and robust music and video player for Windows, Mac, Linux, and more. VLC plays AAC+ as well as MP3 streams.

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Winamp supports both MP3 and AAC+ v2 streams.

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iTunes streams MP3s but does not support AAC+ v2.

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Windows Media Player

To play AAC+ v2 in Windows Media Player, you will need to download and install a plugin from Orban. WMP has trouble with variable-bitrate (VBR) streams, but may work if you manually push play.

Streaming is expensive!

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5NINES is donating a server, bandwidth, and rackspace in its data center for these streams, but we still need your donations to help cover the additional costs of WORT's streaming audio and ongoing survival in the digital age:
click here to go to our secure online donation form

or use this simple Paypal link to make a donation right now:

What's on the stream right now?

To see the complete schedule of WORT programming, click here to view the schedule in HTML format or here for PDF . WORT is currently streaming all of its News and Public Affairs programs and most of its Music programming. DJs occasionally switch the stream off during their music programs.

Why ever turn it off?

Digital Millenium Copyright Act regulations require us to turn off the music stream on occasion. The DMCA specifies limits on what can be streamed. Click here for a full explanation of the DMCA restrictions. Our stream should be running alternate programming when that happens.

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